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More information about server options: read client screenshot options explain.

System Requirements

Need a web server (dedicated or a shared website hosting space) with PHP and MySQL (a LAMP or WAMP server).
Example for MS-Windows server: install WampServer ou EasyPhp ou Xampp (see the pdf install doc include in /doc/en/).

#1. Update an existing IntraMessenger server

See updates history in file /doc/en/changelog.html (on official forum or twitter).

#2. First IntraMessenger server install

Beginners will read install_im_server_beginner.pdf.


Automatic clients update

See /doc/en/how_to_update_clients.html.

External/3rd-Party authentication

Authentication can exist by an existing server (MySQL database):

Please read extern_authentication.html.

Pictures or avatars

Put picture of users in /distant/avatar/ folder, with filename : username.jpg
The administrator can replace avatar...
Users can propos new avatar (before admin validating).

Publics IntraMessenger servers directory (list)

You can register your internet IntraMessenger server :
See /admin/register_to_public_servers_list.php

Directory contents

- /admin/ : the admin panel ACP (must rename and/or protect !).
- /admin/log/ : error logs.
- /admin/save/ : database save.
- /common/ : common scripts.
- /common/config/ : options files (save before updates !).
- /common/extern/ : extern authentication scripts.
- /common/lang/ : translations/localizations.
- /common/library/ : extern librarys : geolocation scripts for internet connection (update GeoIP.dat every month).
- /common/styles/ : styles (css and images).

- /distant/ : scripts called by clients/PC.
- /distant/avatar/ : pictures (or avatar) of users (if administrator put pictures here).
- /distant/include/ : scripts indirect called by clients/PC (by /distant/action.php).
- /distant/log/ : connect and errors logs (save before updates).
- /distant/send/ : picture administrator can send to users.
- /distant/update/ : to update clients (for "update from server").

- /doc/en/ : it's here... dont forget to read changelog.html before apply update !

- /install/ : to install and update table structure (must rename).
- /public/ : allow client PC to see server options (if administrator not delete this folder).
- /public/log/ : log about upload avatars.
- /public/upload/ : avatars uploaded (waiting admin validation).


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